Drum pump Lutz B2 Vario for the laboratory and research sector

Lutz Drum and Container Pumps

Lutz B2 Vario

Liquid examples:
For decanting thin bodied acids, alkalis and chemicals such as battery acid, glycols, phosphoric acid, hydrochloric acid, oil-based lubricants, cleaner solvent.


  • Infinitely variable speed controller allows a controlled filling of smaller and larger liquid amounts
  • No grease fillings
  • For the use in small vessels up to 55 gal. (200 l) drums
  • Wide range of applications possible due to sealless construction
  • Serially mounted hanger for storing nozzle and cable at the pump
  • Service-friendly and simple to dismantle


Sealing system:
Sealless construction (SL)

Immersion length:
19" (500 mm), 27" (700 mm) and 39" (1000 mm) available from stock

The drum and container pump must not be used for flammable liquids.

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