Flow meter TS without volume preselection for non-flammable liquids

Lutz Flow Meter TS

Flow Meter TS, Type ST10

Liquid examples:
Water, diesel, fuel oil, hydraulic oil, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, sodium hydroxide, etc.


  • Suitable for neutral liquids, acids and alkalis and many other non-flammable fluids
  • Nutating disc principle 
  • Mobile on a drum pump or in stationary process applications
  • For thin-bodied and viscous liquids
  • Touch-screen display with multi-lingual operating menu
  • Suitable for flow rates from 
    2.6 GPM up to 31.7 GPM
    (10 l/min up to 120 l/min)
  • Available in plastic (PPO) or metal (SS, HC)



  • Type ST10 for neutral liquids
  • Type SL10 for aggressive acids and alkalis
  • Type VA10 for aggressive liquids
  • Type HC10 for highly corrosive liquids


For food- and cosmetics industry
also available in physiologically safe PURE version

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