Pumps and Flow Meters in PURE-Version


Lutz already is well established in the food,- pharmaceutical- and cosmetics industry  as a successful supplier of hygienic pumps B70V Sanitary which are approved according to the 3-A Sanitary standard. This series, consequently constructed according to the hygienic design, features a high disposability, gentle product handling as well as a free of deadlegs and easy to clean construction for hygienic and safe processes. The hygienic pump which is approved according to ATEX directive 94/9/EC can also be safely operated in explosive hazardous environment.


In cases with fewer high demands concerning a quick disassembly and cleansing, often a pump is sufficient where the parts coming into contact with the liquid are made from food-safe and physiologically safe materials. In the past we have offered in these cases pumps and flow meters in physiologically safe version (PU).

Directive 1935/2004/EC and other specific regulations e.g. regulation for plastic materials 10/2011/EC are valid in Europe, whilst in the USA regulations of FDA have to be observed. Both directives generally pursue the same goals – in particular the guarantee of safe foodstuffs and the protection of health and environment -, but are not identic in the practical implementation. Elastomer manufacturers for example, are forced to check their compound according to American FDA standard as well as also according to the European directive 10/2011/EC and to make the respective tests if the products shall be sold in both economic areas. Lutz offers with the new Lutz PURE series a product which is suitable for handling foodstuff and which is in compliance with the directives 1935/2004/EC and FDA regulation. Lutz PURE pumps and flow meters are also available in explosion proof version according to ATEX directive 94/9/EC because a large number of foodstuff, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals are containing alcoholic ingredients or inflammable cleanser and disinfectants are used during the cleaning process of the pumps.

All PURE products feature a high surface quality, food safe tri-clamp connections and a construction without grease filling. The PURE series which is in conformity with international valid and approved standards replaces the old PU-version.

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