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Universal motor B 36 / MI 4 (120 V)

Universal motor B 36 / MI 4 (120 V)

Speed controller:

Compact and powerful universal motor  suitable for pumping thin-bodied acids, alkalis and...more
ohne Drehzahlsteller

Compact and powerful universal motor suitable for pumping thin-bodied acids, alkalis and solutions.

  • Light and convenient
  • Optionally with infinitely variable speed controller for a controlled flow rate
  • Internally ventilated 110-120 V / 60 Hz, 640W / 0.85 HP, without low-voltage release

Double insulation in keeping with type of protection class II, splash water protected in keeping with IP 24, double-pole ON/OFF switch and single-pole thermal overcurrent release. 16´ connection cable with plug. Not explosion-proof. Undemanding universal motor designed for industrial applications and suitable for pumping thin-bodied, slightly viscous, neutral, aggressive and non-flammable fluids. It demonstrates its power even when handling acids and alkalis.

Type of drive: Electric
Explosion Protection: not explosion-proof