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Lutz Pumps, Inc. | USA
Family business since 1954
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Pump Set B2 Battery PP with impeller, with flow meter

Pump Set B2 Battery PP with impeller, with flow meter

Produkt-Vorteile im Überblick

  • BLDC motor with high efficiency of up to 70
  • Exchangeable battery with Li-Ion technology
  • Stepless control for all requirements
  • 0207-068

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For thin-bodied fluids   such as battery acid, ammonia water, urea, acetic acid,...more
Immersion depth: 1000 mm (sealless)
suitable for 200l drum emptying
conditionally dry-running safe

For thin-bodied fluids 
such as battery acid, ammonia water, urea, acetic acid, photographic developer/-fixer, glycols, phosphoric acid, hydrochloric acid and hydrogen peroxide, sodium hydroxide.


  • Infinitely variable speed controller allows a controlled filling of smaller and larger liquid amounts
  • Automatic switch-off at overload
  • Replaceable with Li-Ion technology
  • Wear-free, low noise BLDC motor
  • Lube free pump tube, thus no contamination of the liquid
  • Optimized drum drainage
  • Modular, service friendly design
  • Wide range of applications possible due to sealless construction
  • Service-friendly and simple to dismantle
  • Radial-flow impeller (L) for higher delivery head


  • Variable flow rate for a convenient and safe transfer
  • High battery capacity
  • Long service life due to BLDC motor
  • Sealless construction (MSL) cannot fail by dry running
  • Lube-free pump tube, thus no contamination of the liquid
  • All-purpose resistant ETFE/PTFE shaft bearing
  • Easy maintenance without special tools

Pump set consisting of:
Motor B2 Battery, Pump tube  PP 32-L MSL in polypropylene, flow meter TR 90 PP, 1.5 m PVC hose 3/4", hose clips, Lutz-nozzle PP (Battery and charging station not included)

Dichte (bis kg/dm³): 1,6
Viscosity: 400
Type of drive: Battery
Leistung (W): 260
Voltage: 21,6
Immersion length: up to 19" (500 mm), from 19" (500 mm), from 39" (1000 mm)
Engine PP with impeller Performance 260 Watt (internally ventilated)...
Engine PP with impeller
Performance 260 Watt (internally ventilated)
Voltage 21,6 V
Capacity 4 Ah
Pumping station  
Wetted materials PP, PVDF, Hastelloy C, PTFE, ETFE
Seals without
Mechanical seal without
Conveyor wheel shape Impeller (for higher heads)
Temperature of the pumped medium -15 to +50 °C
Hose connection G 1 AG
Immersion tube durometer 32 mm
Dive depth 1000 mm
Weight 1.6 kg
Delivery rate max. 65 l/min. (22 l/min)
Delivery head max. 12 m WS
Viscosity max. 400 mPas
Density 1.6 kg/dm³


The specified values are maximum values determined with water at 20° C, measured directly at the discharge connection. Viscosity determined with oil. By using the nozzle, the flow rate is reduced to approx. values (data in brackets).