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Family business since 1954
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A strong group - the Lutz group of companies

Responsibility, safety, reliability and progress are values that have a long tradition at Lutz. This philosophy has made us an internationally successful company and will continue to form a sound basis for the development of innovative ideas. Out of modest post-war conditions, our father Karl Lutz founded the company and managed it successfully and responsibly for decades. Today, the Lutz group is made up of highly effective medium-sized companies, operating in various industries with locations in Germany and abroad. We continue to be proud of the consistent development of the established family business.

Our markets are as complex as distribution channels and production methods. In over 60 years of our history, the focus has always been on pursuing long-term growth and stability. Our broad product portfolio, combined with a range of customers in a wide variety of market segments, will continue to help ensure the company's competitiveness in the future. High development achievements combined with strategic marketing underline the long-term orientation of our company. Sharing sales, development and production capabilities will further increase our performance.

Today, perfect technology is a natural basis for a good supplier-customer relationship for most users. Therefore, customer proximity and service are the key factors for the continuation of our success. The customer benefit is absolutely in the foreground for us. It is our goal that our employees and representatives around the world are the competent partners for the customer. Lutz employees stand for qualification, professionalism, ability to work in a team, flexibility and decision-making security. This gives us the confidence and the competence to shape the future together.

Lutz Pumpen GmbH

Foundation: 1954 | Headquarters: Germany

Product range:

Drum and container pumps | Container Pumps | Eccentric screw pumps | Flow meter systems | Double diaphragm pumps | Centrifugal pumps

Application areas:

Chemical industry and chemical trade | Electroplating / Surface treatment | Paint and lacquer | Foodstuffs | Paper and Pulp | Automotive industry | Metal processing / Machine industry | Mining, Iron and Steel industry | Electrical industry | Plant engineering

Lutz-Jesco GmbH

Foundation: 2003 | Headquarters: Germany |

Product range:

Solenoid-driven dosing pumps | Motor-driven dosing pumps | Chlorine gas metering devices | Dry feeder | Measuring and control technology | Centrifugal pumps

Application range:

Water treatment | Waste water treatment/ Sewage plants | Municipal indoor and open air pools | Private pools | Chemical industry | Electroplating / Surface treatment | Paint and Laquer | Ceramics | Paper and Pulp | Construction of industrial piping

Lutz Packaging GmbH

Foundation: 1970 | Headquarters: Germany |

Product range:

Ampoules | Vails | Aroma tubes | Packaging solutions

Application areas:

Primary packaging made of tubular glass for pharmaceutical, biological, cosmetical and technical substances.

MTE Motors and Tools Engineering SA

Foundation: 1984 | Headquarters: Switzerland

Product range & Application areas:

Universal electric motors up to 1,5 kW | Special electric motors | Motor components | Rotors / Stators. Wherever universal motors are required

Engineering & Job order production:

Development of electric motors and motor components according to individual specifications. Production of motor components and special motors including assembly.

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