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Equipotential bonding cable

Equipotential bonding cable

for the DMP 1/4" to 1


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  • 5000-700
  • upon request
  • suitable for flammable and highly inflammable liquids (e.g. ethanol, petrol) or in explosive environments
Description: The equipotential bonding cable is used for the electrically conductive...more
Product information "Equipotential bonding cable"

Design: for DMP 1/4" to 1"


The equipotential bonding cable is used for the electrically conductive connection between explosion-proof pump and container has the function of earthing and equipotential bonding.

  • 2 m with fixing clip

Features & Advantages

  • Function of grounding and potential equalization
Technical data
Certification: ATEX Richtlinie (ATEX Richtlinie 2014/34/EU)
Produktgruppe: Membranpumpen
Accessories group: Cable / Plugs / Sockets / Switch

* The maximum flow rate is a value determined by means of a test bench and measured with water at a medium temperature of approx. 20 °C. The measurement is carried out at the pressure joint of the pump, without hose, nozzle or flow meter. The achievable flow rate in use is lower and depends on the individual application, the liquid properties and the configuration of the pump. The max. delivery head also depends on the pump design, motor and fluid. The viscosity values are determined with oil.

** Test assembly: Medium water / diesel, flow in preferred direction, settling section 0.2 m upstream and downstream of flow meter

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