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Gas shuttle system

Gas shuttle system

for mobile operation with fuming acids and alkalis

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  • 0204-201
  • upon request
  • If automatic Nozzle Alu is selected, an outlet pipe complete (0204-274) is required
Description: Harmful gases and vapours remain practically in a closed system when filling...more
Product information "Gas shuttle system"

Version Overall system :

Order no.Description
0204-253 Emission protection-Drum adapter:
Stainless steel

Nozzle Stainless steel, G 1 1/4 

0373-153* Gas swing hose:
PVC-Hose DN 9
0204-415 Emission protection-Hose         

* alternatively for flammable liquids of solvent-Hose DN 9 (0374-415)


Harmful gases and vapours remain practically in a closed system when filling or transferring hazardous liquids and provide the necessary pressure equalisation themselves. The sealing plug adapts to different Drum- and container openings (D = 40-75 mm). In conjunction with a Nozzle, it enables safe decanting, even into smaller containers. A non-return valve integrated in the gas displacement line prevents the gases from flowing back in the event of pump standstill or drum change.

  • consisting of: Conical sealing plug, non-return valve for gas displacement line, screw-in nipple with union nut and hose nozzle, and hose clamps

Properties & Advantages

  • Prevents the escape of harmful gases
  • Protects against oxidizing emissions
  • For mobile operation
  • Return flow of trapped gases during pump standstill is stopped by non-return valve
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