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Support bracket

with integrated pulse sensor

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  • 0172-890
  • on request
  • The encoder ring and modules such as the operating unit and relay module must be ordered separately
Description: The carrying bracket with integrated pulse sensor is the perfect upgrade for...more
Product information "Support bracket"

Additional prices:

for three-phase motors up to 1.1 kW 0172-891
for three-phase motors from 1,5 kW
and ex-protected three-phase motors Ex

* Please indicate the additional price number when ordering the pump


The carrying bracket with integrated pulse sensor is the perfect upgrade for your B70V-D progressive cavity pump. Magnetic pulses from the rotating motor shaft are transmitted to the pulse sensor without contact via a pulse transmitter ring. The recorded pulses are evaluated in the Lutz BE10 operating unit and output on the display as the delivered flow rate on the basis of the previously determined calibration factor. By adding the relay module RM10 and corresponding connection cables, the system can also be used as a filling/transfer station with quantity preselection (batch function) - as known from the modular Lutz flow meters. Alternatively, the reed pulses can also be evaluated by customer evaluation units and external controllers.

  • the pulse generator ring and operating unit must be ordered separately
  • can be combined with relay modules RM10 and other modules

Features & Advantages

  • Easy operation and control
  • Cost-effective retrofitting for
    B70V-D progressive cavity pumps already in use
  • Maximum mobility due to compact unit
Technical data
Certification: 3-A Sanitary Standard
Produktgruppe: Exzenterschneckenpumpen
Accessories group: Mounts / Suspensions

* The maximum flow rate is a value determined by means of a test bench and measured with water at a medium temperature of approx. 20 °C. The measurement is carried out at the pressure joint of the pump, without hose, nozzle or flow meter. The achievable flow rate in use is lower and depends on the individual application, the liquid properties and the configuration of the pump. The max. delivery head also depends on the pump design, motor and fluid. The viscosity values are determined with oil.

** Test assembly: Medium water / diesel, flow in preferred direction, settling section 0.2 m upstream and downstream of flow meter

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